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7 Things to keep in mind while designing a website

7 factors:


Nature of business

Here are the 7 major things to keep in mind while designing a website. First of all, you should determine the nature of the business that you’re going to work on. For eg. If you or your client having a Jewellery business then you will design a corporate or an E-Com website. If in case of working individually and need to showcase your works, services then go for Portfolio website. Determining this is the foremost part of designing a site.

Then, you need to identify the “who are your target audiences”  by taking various surveys and understand the demographic factors of your audiences. For eg. If you’re running a Grocery store you need to run ads according to the age groups, interests, places etc.


There are different themes and layout to keep in mind while designing a website for different nature of business. Designing the layout for a site is the biggest challenge and requires huge patience for a better outcome. The customer interaction depends on the layout you design. It should not be too complicated and collapsing by nature.

Each and every part of the pages should be clearly defined and best practice is to design the website easier and simple to access. It gives users a good experience in such a way that all the pages will be stored in customer minds. There are various themes and templates which help to build websites through WordPress easily. Themes like Astra, Woodmart, Bethemes, 1000 themes etc. are the best one.


Contents and fonts

Powerful and simple contents will reach the customer’s mind easily at their comforts. The headlines and main contents should be catchy that the customer should engage in our website for a longer period. Also providing information with good fonts increases the customer readability of your contents. Audience will stay for a long period if the contents & fonts are more powerful than the layouts. This to be keep in mind while designing a website

Sans serif, Oswald, Poppins, Open sans etc. are some of the best fonts that I personally experienced and recommend to you.



Beauty is the vital essence for all sight, without beauty everything is incomplete. Aesthetic design simply means adding colours and beauty to the website. Adding multiple colours and images according to the contents will make the site look attractive to the user’s visibility. Even Though the content doesn’t attract, the aesthetic designs brings contact to the contents. “Colorzilla” is a chrome extension that helps to pick any colors from any website.


Icons & Images draws attention to the contents of the website, without it looking boring. So having Icons & Images creates attention, also it explains what the topic is about even if the contents are not catchy.

Normal size of a Image is nearly 600*200 pixels. For a featured image the size should be 1200*680 pixels. For logo size should be 520*236 pixels(retina-optimized size).

The tool called “Image size detector” chrome extension which helps to check the size of any image.


Responsive website

In the world, there are different types of users using various types of devices, Like laptops or desktops, mobile phones, tablets etc. Each and every device requires different alignments and proper positioning of the widgets and contents according to the devices. Normally 69% of the users are using mobile phones for accessing the internet. Thus with these consequences, you tend to design a stunning responsive website for different devices.



Every expert and professional in the world developed by taking inspiration. In order to write one blog you should go through 100 different blogs, like that to write a book you should read 100 different books. Websites like Dribbble, Behance, Awwards etc. are the best web designers creating stunning websites so you can take inspiration from them. Likely you need to check your competitive websites of your same niche. This may help you to grab ideas and explore new ideas to a next level.

If you have read this blog post until this point, please comment and let me know about you and your challenges further.
Nitesh Jain.

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