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All you need to know about WordPress, domain and web hosting in Tamil


What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a free web designing tool and an open source content management system data in-built PHP and paired with MySQL database. It requires zero coding knowledge that makes the work easy as compared to static websites. This CMS helps us to create blogs, posts, websites etc.

What is Web hosting ?

Web hosting is nothing but an amount of space purchased from the hosting providers on the internet. It’s just a hard disk for the domain name which stores information in hosting on the internet, finally it displays the particular domain name website to worldwide.

What is a Domain name ?

A Domain name is an address on the Internet which is named by ourselves according to your company/agency/individual brand or products or services etc. There is a another thing called IP address which is represented in numbers for e.g., in the place of domain name but it is very difficult to remember the numbers so it’s made in alphabets for e.g., digitalnitesh.com, digital nitesh.in, digitalnitesh.co.in etc.

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