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Top 5 fundamentals of Marketing

Are you the one who lacks the fundamentals of marketing ?

Are you the one who isn’t aware of generating Niche for your business ?

This blog is all about the lessons I have learned and experimented in these past weeks.

I’m sure that this blog will add a tremendous value to your life as I gained from it.

Many people what they do is just have a product and then do marketing and finally end up with no results.

So keep in touch with me throughout this article, I will help you in mastering digital marketing concepts.

Let’s dive into the lessons.



First of all, I want to stress the fundamentals of marketing because marketing starts before selling or creating a product.

Marketing comes first before creating a product.

We should not take shortcuts to reach out the customer for sales because by taking shortcuts you may have a product to sell but won’t be aware of perfect marketplaces, who are our target customers etc. It may end up with no results and wasting your valuable time in doing marketing throughout your life.

Also I say marketing is about maintaining trust and happiness with the customer in future.

Marketing is about to maintaining the perfect timing – sending right messages at the right time to the right person.

For example, if you are searching for a digital marketing course your data will be collected by the A.I & others and send the right message to you at the right time.

Marketing is a means to an end.

If you build a strong brand for yourself, then there is no need for marketing in future. For example, When we come across search engines, the first thing that comes to your mind is GOOGLE.

Which means the marketing has an end.

Marketing plays as a game of perception and the product is rooted in reality.

Everybody has their perception in marketing.

Which means never let marketing be more important than the product. A great product can sell itself.


No need to work on marketing.

If you start selling quality products then your customer itself starts transforming into BRAND AMBASSADOR of your products.

Let’s take one example, when you say lets have hangout for some dessert,


As of a sudden ibaco comes to our mind for having some ice creams.

In this case, there is no need for any salesman call or quality ads or convince to buy.

Thus it has happened without marketing.

Like this many examples pop up.


Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Many people may start thinking that traditional marketing has no future at all.

Also you may think that if you want to introduce a product via newspapers, magazines etc.

It may not reach up to 30% of the population.

But it’s not true.

you can’t discourage traditional marketing without any analytics.

you must analyze and think before selecting the medium of advertising.

In Traditional marketing:

Let us take if a product is generic with a very wide targeting — then TV ads can reach millions at low cost.

For example, iPhone companies use TV advertisements to reach out to the target customer.

  • According to research — In India out of 298 million homes, TVs are there in 197 million homes.
  • If we sum up with the average of 4–5 members in a household, then it strikes near 800–1 billion people. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Radio has reached 65% of Indian population. (Source: Financial express)
  • Newspapers have 465 million people. (Source: Business Standards)

Disadvantage of Traditional Marketing is,

We cannot do personal communication, deep marketing, natural sales etc. While wide medium.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the best medium to reach the affluent English speaking population in upcoming India with spending power — 100 million users.


CATT Funnel

Picture Credit : Digital Deepak

Every marketer has their own funnel of selling the products.

It creates a perfect mind map as well as a blueprint of how you can sell a product in a market to your target audience.

Here I will reveal my funnel which I have learned from my mentor.

Wealth = n^CATT

Niche(n) : Your success & wealth depends on the niche you choose.

Content(c) : Content is the asset which attracts people to get into our tribe.

Same like how you came across my content.

Attention(A) : Drive attention(Traffic) to your content by using various tools of digital marketing like SEO, Social Media, paid ads etc.

Trust(T) : Build trust with your audience with marketing automation, retargeting etc.

I use deep marketing as my mentor taught.

Transaction(T) : Convert your leads into customers with a natural sales method.


Integrated digital marketing

Normally, in digital marketing you don’t have an idea about how to generate sales.

We get confused or even get into more frustration in getting sales.

We battle with the different mediums of digital marketing.

But finally ended up with no results.

Actually what you do is just have a Niche and you will write content and then start doing marketing — But this is not a professional way.

You need to make use of different mediums of digital marketing in an integration such that when a customer starts to react to your first action on the internet in consecutive days, they start to be attracted to your product and get into your platform easily.

Thus through integration of digital marketing the product sells by itself.

I follow the following process to get targeted customers into my platform.


I use paid ads for my content marketing to get the attention of my customer, same as now how did you get into my content.

Get people into my E-Mail list and capture their attention.


Make subscribe to my blog/YouTube contents.

Then my content starts listing in search engines.

At meantime I will start market my contents in my social media page,

My customers will react as well as share my content in their stories if they like it.

Thus this is my integrated digital marketing process.


Personal Branding

It is a very important and interesting topic in digital marketing.

Personal branding creates a better impact in the minds of the customer than the brand.

I used to think beyond the universal truth that the best known will always beat the best.

Simply means

You should show yourself out to the world that you’re good at something so that the world can hire you and recognize you.

Take if you are expert at SEO but the world doesn’t know about you and your path of of expertise,


They won’t hire you even though you are an expert.

People want to hear from people, not from brands.

I’m digital marketer expressing my contents to you directly through mail or by a blog,

But not by my brand.

I’m the brand ambassador for my brand.

Don’t be the №1, be the only one.

Choose a category and be the leader in that category.

If not,

Be a leader in a sub-category.

For example, when I ask who is the first president of India?

All will say Dr. Rajendra prasad.

when I ask who is the second president of India? 90% of the population may not know.

Like the same when I ask who is the first woman president of India?90% of the population say the correct answer, Mrs. Pratibha patil.

So from this concept I say that everyone knows the first, not the best.


Evolution of personal branding

Learn : Learn and understand the new concepts and facts.
Work : Put your new skills and learnings to your work.
Blog : Write a blog about what you have worked and experienced from it. It helps in creating unique content.
Consult : After this process, start consulting for other businesses instead of working for them.
Mentor : Teach other people and motivate them.
Startup : Start your own project or service and start developing in various fields.
If you have read this blog post until this point, please comment and let me know about you and your challenges further.
Nitesh Jain.

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